Buying Thinking of Buying an Older Home? Thinking of Buying an Older Home? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind When searching for the next house to call home, there’s a lot to consider. Opening your home search to older constructions can increase your options, however older homes may be harboring issues beneath the surface. Here are some things to consider […]
Buying How to Handle the Home Inspection How to handle the home inspection  One of the biggest hurdles in the sales process these days seems to be navigating through the due diligence period and the home inspection.  When you receive an offer on your home, or present an offer to a seller, there will be an included due diligence period.  This period […]
Buying Open House Shopping So it’s Sunday, you’ve hit the road, you want to pop into a few open houses, and you pull up in front of the first house with an open house sign in front, now what?    Open houses will be hosted by an agent, either the listing agent, or someone from their office, or an assistant.  […]
Home Improvement Deck Upkeep Deck Upkeep The focal point of many back yards is the deck.  When the weather is nice many family gatherings, BBQ’s and parties take place on your deck.  Some maintenance can make sure your deck is an enjoyable place to hang out for many many years.. How often should you refinish your deck? There are […]
Buying Down Payment Dilemma Down Payment Dilemma: How Do You Know How Much to Put Down On A Home? For many prospective home buyers, the down payment is the most daunting hurdle in the race to buy a home. Even for people with decent credit and a healthy paycheck, the down payment can be the great homeownership killer. The […]
Selling Don’t fall into the Overpricing Trap Don’t fall into the Overpricing Trap Pricing strategy is one of the most important elements in selling real estate. To get top dollar, it’s essential to price a property accurately for the current marketplace. The reason is simple. Virtually all buyers search for properties online before scheduling time to see a listing in person. That […]
Selling Get Your Home Ready To Sell Get Your Home Ready To Sell A common mistake people make is to spend a lot of money – renovations, new roof, remodeling. While buyers will be impressed with these things, spending $5000 on remodeling will not add $5000 to your sale. Spend as little money as possible, and spend it on cosmetic, readily seen […]
Buying New or Previously Owned? New or Previously Owned? What kind of home are you looking to buy? New construction or previously owned? There are advantages to each approach. Previously owned pros You may not have the option to purchase or build a new construction home in your desired neighborhood. If location is a top priority, buying a resale home […]
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