Buying June 20, 2019

Open House Shopping

So it’s Sunday, you’ve hit the road, you want to pop into a few open houses, and you pull up in front of the first house with an open house sign in front, now what?    Open houses will be hosted by an agent, either the listing agent, or someone from their office, or an assistant.  They are a great way to get a self-guided tour of a home, check out features & floorplans, or just check out some design ideas.  Here are some tips to help guide you through your open house experience this weekend.


Be on time.

The average open house is scheduled from 2-5 on a Sunday, sometimes those times are posted on the sign, sometimes they aren’t.  If there is an open house sign out, it’s usually safe to say there is an agent inside waiting for you.  If you show up too early the agent may be busy setting up, if you show up too late, or right at the end of the schedule, the agent may be closing up.


Follow the rules.

Sometimes sellers have just polished the floors, or cleaned the carpets, be on the lookout for signs that you should remove your shoes.  If the home is occupied, it’s a good idea to stay out of drawers and cabinets.  If there are snacks or refreshments, help yourself, they are there for the taking, but try not to leave crumbs or trash around the house.


Ask questions.

The agent hosting the open house should be a wealth of knowledge, about both the neighborhood and house itself.  Curious about the schools or recent sales in the neighborhood, ask away.  Often times the agent hosting the open house may be filling in for the listing agent, so if they don’t have ALL the information you’re looking for don’t be surprised.


Be Polite.

Open houses are held for several reasons.  Attracting perspective buyers and sellers is one of them.  You’ll usually be asked for your contact information, and if you already have an agent representing you.  You can be honest with them.  If you’re just browsing, let them know, they will probably leave you alone.  If you already have an agent helping you look for a home, let them know that too.


If you find yourself at an open house, and you LOVE it, contact me ASAP, if it’s in a hot market, time may be of the essence.